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Gallery Dundas: April-June 2022

Moment by Emma Enright

Emma Enright is a textile artist and designer from Dundas, Ontario. Her practice is based on investigating the materiality of textiles with an emphasis on weaving and embroidery. Using a manual wooden loom, she continues to explore traditional and modern techniques to create contemporary work. She uses a systematic order to create visual and sculptural designs. They evoke and contextualize ideas reminiscent of the natural world, inspired by landscapes and places she has been. Weaving is a personal exploration of craftsmanship, along with showing the mistakes, and the traditional techniques. Weaving is a slow process that allows the artist the opportunity to be immersed in the moment.

Emma has earned her Bachelor of Design at Ontario College of Art and Design University (2020) with a major in Textiles in the Material Art and Design program and continues to exhibit her work.

You can find more about Emma’s work through her website. Feel free to contact Emma for inquiries.


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