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Member and Service Commitment

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Our top priority is to ensure a positive experience for our Library Members. 

At HPL, our goal is to deliver an exceptional library experience. Library staff commit to: 

  1. Provide professional, knowledgeable and best in class customer service. 
  2. Be engaged with our Members and our community. We welcome feedback to continually improve our service delivery. 
  3. Strive to meet your expectations for timely delivery of materials and provision of relevant services and programs. We are lifelong learners and ready to help you with questions or concerns. 
  4. Provide welcoming and inclusive spaces and be sensitive to your individual needs. We will maintain your confidentiality and privacy. 

Everyone has the right to enjoy the services of the Hamilton Public Library.  As a Member of Hamilton Public Library we ask you to:

  • Be courteous and respectful
    Please minimize disturbance to others and use respectful language and conduct at all times.  Be mindful of personal hygiene and always wear appropriate attire including shirt and footwear.

  • Follow Library policies and procedures
    Employees make every effort to apply these library rules in a fair, dignified, and positive manner for the benefit of all.  You can assist by providing the library with your up-to-date contact information as well as offering comments and feedback on our service.

  • Treat Library materials, resources and spaces with care and respect
    Please keep library materials clean and in good condition so that they may be enjoyed again.  When visiting the library, please use resources and spaces for their intended purpose to ensure a positive experience for all.

  • Be responsible for those in your care
    Do not leave a child or vulnerable person unattended. Supervise all individuals for whom you are responsible.

Failure to comply with the Member Code of Conduct may result in a suspension of Library privileges.  

Relevant Legislation: Child and Family Services Act; Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act; Human Rights Code; Public Libraries Act; Children's Aid Society of Hamilton; Catholic Children's Aid Society of Hamilton