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Xperience Annex

Graphic of a young women studying with the Xperience Annex logo

Xperience Annex is a partnership initiative between the City of Hamilton and community partners, with funding from the Local Poverty Reduction Fund. Located on HPL's Circuit 4.0 (4th floor, Central Library) the Xperience Annex supports the youth in achieving their goals by connection and collaboration with education, health care and employment providers. 

In Hamilton, there is a wide variety of high-quality education and employment services aimed at helping Hamilton’s youth achieve their full potential. With so many choices, this journey can sometimes feel like a maze. Xperience Annex has a youth navigator to help you figure out this maze. He understands the challenges youth face and helps them prepare them for their future by creating pathways to community services and employment. 

If you wish to refer someone to Xperience Annex, please fill out their Referral Form